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01.11.11 15 Minutes Of Reflection (Shift415)

We all have priorities. If you asked the average person, we’d probably all say we value certain things – family, relationships, maybe religion (depending on your personal beliefs). These things are good “pat answers” to the question, “what do you value?” That being said, we also have things we need. On balance, we need food, […]

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28.10.11 Chasing Your Dreams (Shift415)

The following is a guest post from my friend Mike Routen of Route To Freedom. Road maps, Roadblocks and Roadtrips. Similar to any other journey, following our dreams requires some planning if we hope to arrive at the proper destination. One word of caution before we get started is that very few people that read […]

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17.10.11 Making Waves With Pebbles Of Gratitude (Shift415)

We’ve been doing a lot of talking about things you can do to improve yourself. Today’s topic will turn our focus outward for a minute or two, and focus on something you can do to improve the people around you! We’re going to talk about gratitude. Cat-Kicking & The Ripple Effect Zig Ziglar tells a […]

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