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20.03.14 Waste Not? Or Not Waste?

It’s occurred to me recently that our ideas of “waste” are frequently more a matter of subjective opinion than objective truth. A wife looks at a new power saw that her husband just bought, and it’s easy to say “you didn’t need that! Why would you waste $100 when you already have a perfectly-good power […]

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11.02.14 Creating Solutions To Dubious Problems

Did you know that you can use tiered cake stands to organize your bathroom? I didn’t. That is, until I saw hundreds and hundreds of people on Pinterest pinning, re-pinning, photographing, etc. all manner of tiered cake stands on bathroom counters. There are people that apparently have three-tier cake stands in their bathrooms to hold […]

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21.01.14 Is Price Shaping You, Or Are You Shaping Price?

The Minimalists had an article a little ways back called “The Fool Price”. Joshua had some great points about the difference between paying Full Price vs. Sale Price (capitalization his), but I think his essay is a bit black-and-white (pun intended) on the subject. I think the “full price” vs. “sale price” is a false […]

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