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26.08.11 DisStressed Part IV – Does What You’re Counting Count?

In my experience, lots of things that stress us out have numbers tied to them. You weigh a certain number of pounds. You have a certain number for income, and a certain number for expenses. Many of these things are counted for us. The scale cheerfully reports our weight – whether we’re cheerful about it […]

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12.08.11 DisStressed Part III – Deflection Reduces Stress

One of the reasons many people are stressed is that they’re trying to handle decisions that they really don’t care about, or that they shouldn’t be making in the first place. Since everything in your brain is pulling you in one direction or another, and this collective pulling is usually the cause of stress, unloading […]

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05.08.11 DisStressed Part II – Lateral Luxuries

We have lots of choices in life. Not more than a century ago, Henry Ford uttered his famous maxim regarding his first car – “available in any color you like, as long as it’s black”. No more! Now we have hundreds or even thousands of options for most everything we buy. All of this freedom […]

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