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21.05.12 Be Entertaining, Be Minimalist (Prepared For What?)

I’ve gotten a few questions about various “preparedness” items related to entertaining. These involve dishes, extra seating, and other things that are very tempting to over-purchase “just in case”. I’m going to talk about chairs in this post, and I’m going to begin with a story. My First Office I know all about not having […]

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17.05.12 Others’ Excess Is Not Your Problem (Prepared For What?)

Ellen raised a fantastic point a few posts back. I’ve edited it a bit for length and to highlight the issue: I just got done sorting clothing from a certain family member. The clothing is SO numerous that I am overwhelmed with what to do with it all. Now I am overwhelmed with figuring out […]

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30.04.12 What The *BLEEP* Are You Thinking???

Before we kick off the “preparedness” posts, I have a quick thought experiment for you. Let’s say I’m coming over to your house for dinner. Let’s also pretend that I’m the official representative of the Office Of The Minimalist Inspector General, and I’m going to be performing a complete “minimalism audit” of your home. Obviously […]

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