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11.09.13 How To Fail At Failing

I hear this a lot: “I want to do _____, but I know I’ll fail”. The most recent instance was from a person talking about doing a “minimalist wardrobe challenge”. “I’d love to simplify my wardrobe like that, but I know I’d fail”. A few thoughts on this type of logic…. Think Of Failure Narrowly […]

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21.02.13 Is Your House Half-Full Or Half-Empty?

There are two basic ways to look at decluttering. “Aw man, I’ve got to go through all this crap and figure out what to do with it. This is stressing me out!” or “Hey, I can go through this crap that’s stressing me out and get rid of a lot of it!” The house is […]

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16.10.12 Decluttering Is As Simple As….

I read a tweet the other day that said “decluttering is as simple as picking up each item, and making one of the following choices”. It linked to a blog post showing six different options for what you could do with the item. Sigh. The problem has never been that the process is complicated. The […]

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